Ceramic Fiber Insulation
Skyline Components supplies high temperature refractory and
insulation blanket, ceramic fiber bulk, ceramic fiber board, ceramic
fiber paper, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber textiles, insulating
firebricks, castables, etc. They can be used at high temperature of
1000 - 1800°C. Furthermore, we also provide bio-soluble ceramic
fiber boards and blankets that are made from soluble
calcium/magnesium silicate materials and meets European
regulatory requirements (Directive 97/69/EC) due to its enhanced

o  Low thermal conductivity
o  Low heat storage
o  Light weight
o  Excellent handling strength
o  Thermal shock resistance
o  Excellent corrosion resistance
o  Excellent thermal stability
o  Excellent sound absorption

We have standard in-stocked ceramic fiber insulations and insulating
firebricks. Non-stocked products can be provided as required. We
promise two features for our products to our customers: high quality
but low cost.

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