Fused quartz tubing
Red fused quartz rubing
Fused Quartz Glass Rod
Fused Quartz Glass Discs
Fused Quartz Plates
Borosilicate Glass Tubing
Fused Quartz Glass
Fused Quartz Glass
Materials: aluminosilicate, and bio-soluble
ceramic fibers

Shapes: Board, blanket & High temperature
Materials: Alumina (95-99%Al2O3), zirconia,
cordierite, and mullite

Shapes: crucible, tube, rod, plate, disc, wafer,
ring, beam, roller, shaft, screw, washer,
sleeve, hunger, spacer, holder, nozzle, frame,
milling ball
Materials: sintered, recrystallized, nitride-bonded and
oxide bonded SiC

Shapes: roller, square cross beam, burner nozzle sets,
combustion chamber, heat radiation ceramic inner tube,
cooling air pipe, thermocouple protective tube, sagger,
crucible, sand blast nozzle, desulphurization nozzle,
sealing parts, and impeller


Scientific Glassblowing
Translucent or Milky Fused Quartz Tubes
UV-stoped Fused Quartz Tubes
Ozone-Free Fused Quartz Tube
Colored Fused Quartz Tube
Fused Quartz Disc and Plate
Fused Quartz Crucible
Fused Quartz Rod
Borosilicate Glass Tube
Borosilicate Glass Plate and Disc
Materials: Insulating firebricks, Clay
firebricks, high alumina bricks, magnesia
bricks, corundum bricks and mullite bricks

Shapes: Standard or customized
Materials: alumina and silicate

Shapes: Powders
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