Skyline Components supplies insulating bricks (IFB) and refractory bricks
for use at high temperature up to 4200 °F.

Insulating Bricks

    IFBs are made from refractory clays. Because of their porous
    structure, the materials have excellent thermal insulation
    properties. They are soft and light in weight. They can be easily cut
    by handhold saw or any other hand tool like chisel or even drill bit.
    They can be used as hot face refractory linings or as back-up
    insulation behind other refractory materials in furnaces, ovens,
    stoves and kilns heated up with either electric spiral elements or
    gas burners.

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    IFB bricks are stocked and can be ordered online.

Refractory Bricks:

  • Corundum Bricks, which include High-purity corundum
    bricks that contain 90 - 99% of alumina, chromium- or chrome-
    corundum bricks and zirconium- or zirconia-corundum bricks.

  • Zirconia Bricks, which include CaO- or Y2O3-stabilized
    zirconia bricks, hollow-sphere zirconia bricks, zircon bricks and
    zirconia-mullite bricks

  • Magnesia Bricks, which include magnesia brick, magnesia-
    zirconia bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks.

  • Silica Bricks, which are mainly used in the coking chamber
    and the combustion chamber of coke oven, steel-making open-
    hearth regenerator and sediment chamber, soaking furnace,
    glass furnace tanks. Silica brick refractories are also used as
    high-temperature load-bearing parts of the hot blast stove and
    acid open-hearth roof.

Insulating Firebricks
Corundum Firebricks
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